Bridge Cranes in Demand

In a recent feature article, “Hoist Magazine,” the only international magazine with news and information focused on overhead cranes and industrial lifting equipment, highlighted bridge cranes. Titled “Steading the ship,” the feature article assessed the “demand for overhead lifting equipment in U.S. shipyards.”

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Steel Fabrication and Its Impact on China’s Growth

Steel fabrication is a manufacturing process that involves the combination of several raw materials to construct sturdy, reliable equipment, buildings, and factories. For over a century, this industry has worked to make a quality product that provides efficient material for construction projects, automobile manufacturing and other machine production. The result is one of growth and a revolution of the way society goes about its daily business. Metal restructuring is also a vital part of the bridge building industry. Even though it would be hard to put an actual value of its contribution, an estimated value of the fabrication industry is possible. Over one million tons of steel has been fabricated over the past twenty years. As a versatile product, it is used in both commercial and industrial settings.

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General Information on TIG and MIG Welders

There are many processes in manufacturing, and one of which include welding, this process is a very important process at the same time it involves a lot of risk, so all the essential precautionary measures has to be taken for safe welding. Welding seems to be a simple process which just joins two materials together using a series of heat or pressure, but it is not so, it’s a very dangerous process. Welder equipments are used to link two metals, which are generally used in the production of automobiles, bridges, buildings, air craft’s, trains and so on. Manufacturing industry understood the importance of welding and introduced all the latest technology in welding in order to improve the standards of welding.

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